Upgrade your doors with ABS TS007 3 star diamond grade locks.

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    Welcome to the Home Security & Safety website. Working with the Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch network it is our goal to bring the highest quality security products which will effectively secure your home, family and possessions.

    Working with the Police in our home town of Brighouse we have developed the Avocet Break Secure lock better known as ABS which has become the highest accredited and most effective and proven way of upgrading door security to combat against euro cylinder lock snapping break-ins. The ABS lock as featured in the recent BBC Watchdog House programme has passed the most robust tests for a euro cylinder lock - It has a 3 star TS007 British Kitemark rating and stands alone as the only retro-fit euro cylinder to have the Sold Secure Diamond rating.

    Upgrading your locks to the Avocet ABS high security lock is an easy and proven way of combating against lock snapping and bumping. Unlike many other so-called anti snap locks on the market the Avocet ABS high security cylinder lock has a patented locking cam that totally blocks access into the lock case - no other europrofile cylinder lock on the market has this same effective system.

    ABS has achieved a TS007 3 star British Kitemark, Police preferred Secured by Design approval and most importantly has continually year on year passed the Master Locksmith Associations SS312 Sold Secure Diamond rating. NO other anti snap europrofile cylinder door lock available holds all of these standards!




     Please be aware that when you are looking for europrofile cylinder lock upgrades - do not go for the cheapest "Anti Snap" solution. If the lock does not have a 3 star rating or better still the Sold Secure Diamond rating it has not passed snapping tests and is not proven to stop lock snapping and bumping attacks.


    Sold Secure, the security product test house owned by the Master Locksmiths Association started work over 2 years ago on a test standard to cover newer known methods of attack.

    SS312 Diamond, which started towards the end of 2010 is constantly being updated and tweaked to ensure it’s consistently up to date with latest techniques etc, is the highest level of approval for lock cylinders, and includes a test for resistance to snapping.

    Subsequent to the launch of SS312 Diamond the TS007 British kitemark has also been launched to address the issue but the Sold Secure standard is seen by most as the leader and therefore the approval to have.

    The difference between the Sold Secure Diamond standard is that it includes more robust tests which uses additional tools that are readily available to a burglar but which are not used in the TS007 3 star tests.


    The TS007:2014 specification is a new British Kitemark standard which uses a star rated system.

    A 3 star rated euro cylinder has been subjected to standard tests included in the previous Kitemark for drilling, picking, plug extraction and newer forced entry tests for lock snapping using a standard toolkit.

    Anti snap europrofile cylinder locks with a 1 star rating would require additional 2 star rated security handle or cylinder guards.

    Please note there is no such thing however as a 2 star rated cylinder - the 2 star rating applies to a security handle or cylinder guard.


    To avoid any confusion make sure you use a lock that has passed all of the highest standards and is proven. The solution to lock snapping is the Avocet ABS snap secure lock.

    The Avocet ABS lock is so effective that it is used in Police and Council target hardening projects to tackle areas that have seen repeat break-ins using cylinder lock snapping techniques. The ABS high security lock was installed as the chosen solution by Leeds City Council and installed in 10,000 homes in East Leeds, the result showed a dramatic reduction in burglary rates - in fact the ABS lock eradicated the problem in the areas it had been installed.


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