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  • Crime Prevention & Safety Advice from Neighbourhood Watch

    Download the Guide to Crime Prevention & Safety Advice here.


    A comprehensive booklet setting out the advice from Neighbourhood Watch's Safety Advice pages in one document.

    The Guide was first published in February 2014 and this online version will be updated periodically if needed.

    A Welsh language version is available here. You can also download a version of the document without the watermark here.

    At present the Guide is only available in electronic format. If hard copies become available, members will be informed via our national communication system (if you are not already registered on the national Neighbourhood & Home Watch database, and would like to receive updates from us, you can sign up here).

    This copy is compressed in order to upload to our website. If you would like a full resolution print-ready version of the pdf (17MB), please contact us.

    Thank you to our partners the Police Service, the Association of Chief Police Officers, Crimestoppers, Get Safe Online, the Master Locksmiths Association, Suzy Lamplugh Trust, the Fire & Rescue Service, Secured by Design, Action Fraud and Avocet Hardware Ltd, and of course to Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch members, who have provided valuable input into this booklet.

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