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    A Nottingham-man has won a nationwide competition to have the locks on his house upgraded to make them secure against lock-snapping attack – one of the most popular forms of forced entry in the UK.

    Dave Downs from Bingham is a Neighbourhood & Homes Watch Network (NHWN) co-ordinator and won the competition that was open to all members of the Home Office and Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) supported crime prevention network.

    “As a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator I am only too aware of the kind of steps that need to be taken to protect your property and the Avocet Hardware ABS locks that I’ve had fitted will certainly help to do that,” said Dave.

    Lock-snapping as a mean of forced entry has come to prevalence in recent years as a result of the rising use of uPVC and other double glazed doors. Some police forces now estimate that over half of all burglaries in the UK can now be blamed on it.

    Avocet Hardware, which is NHWN’s primary sponsor for security products, manufactures the safest snap-secure locks currently available in the UK. The West Yorkshire company’s ABS lock has a 3-star rating according to BSI’s TS007 standard and boasts Sold Secure’s SS312 Diamond accreditation.

    “There are a lot of different snap-secure locks available, but ABS is the only one that passes all the tests needed to get both Sold Secure’s Diamond and BSI’s 3-star kitemark accreditation,” said Raymond Pearce of Avocet Hardware.

    As part of the prize, Dave’s Bingham home was also upgraded to a one-key system – a relatively new approach to home security that is finding favour with homeowners and landlords across the country.

    “The average number of keys attached to a house in the UK is eight,” added Raymond. “That’s eight different keys for eight different locks, a situation that can lead to a whole bunch of problems.”

    “Our ABS one-key solution gets rid of any confusion, is kind to the lining of your pockets, and most importantly improves home security by eradicating all those keys left lying around homes or even in doors.”

    Avocet’s ABS locks were fitted in Dave Down’s home by its Nottingham-based elite centre, Halls Locksmiths. Established in 1885, Halls covers all of the East Midlands and has outlets on Derby Road and Alfreton Road.

    “Halls did a great job measuring up and then fitting the ABS locks and I’m certain that the one-key solution will be a great help to both me and my wife, Marion,” added Dave.

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