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  • Broken Bent and Words of Praise

    Ever since we first started working with Neighbourhood and Home Network Watch we have, as you may have noticed, made reference to lock-snapping wherever possible. The reason for this is simple – we at Avocet firmly believe every homeowner in the UK should be aware a) of the dangers of lock-snapping and b) the fact that not everyone they should trust when it comes to home security is telling them the truth.

    As all of you should know by now, only Euro profile locks with either a TS007 3-star rating or SS312 Diamond accreditation can claim to have true snap proof properties – and for complete peace of mind the buyer should always go for a lock that has passed Sold Secure’s Diamond test, which is by far and away the most robust, extensive and up-to-date of the two testing procedures.

    This is a message we have consistently banged the drum about ever since the Jain Family bought Avocet in 2012. And while the banging is attracting ever more attention, there are still those who refuse to acknowledge it.

    Key amongst those with their heads still buried in the sand are the insurance companies, who could, virtually overnight, remove every grey area related to lock-snapping and point millions of us in the right direction when it comes to plugging a dangerous gap in our home security provision. Although the recent decision by the insurance industry’s research body, the Riscauthority, to published guidance on lock-snapping products in its most recent Occupiers Guide ( does suggest even this most stubborn of tides may finally be turning.

    And this security gap doesn’t just affect the likes of me and you. As you have may read in the build up to Christmas, Aston Villa and former England international, Darren Bent had his Little Aston home broken into while he slept and two cars, valued at £160,000, stolen. Staffordshire Police were very quick to confirm that the thieves gained entrance to the star’s house by snapping locks.

    While in no way welcome, this type of high-profile break-in may just prove to be the catalyst needed to deliver a more open approach to spreading the lock-snapping message. Especially when you place it into the context of the ever-increasing number of testimonials we are receiving concerning the effectiveness of our TS007 3-star and SS312 Diamond accredited ABS lock.

    The most recent of these came from Bob Callard OBE – a director of Sheffield-based Callard Security – who said:

    I specified them (ABS) for a client earlier this year, who sadly was burgled last week, or rather he wasn’t.”

    “His entire street was hit by a team of ‘snappers’ who made successful entries against a range of properties, apart from his. The sacrificial element of the cylinder parted company in accordance with its design leaving his property safe. His neighbours have all asked him why they were unsuccesful, with the resullt that I have now specified Avocet for them all.”

    As mentioned this kind of feedback is far from uncommon.

    At Avocet we have a solution that can prevent lock-snapping attacks on any kind of home, no matter whether it belongs to a Premiership footballer or a shopkeeper, a postman or a pop star. Other manufacturers have suitable products. And there are new snap proof products on their way to market.

    Therefore, why can’t the people that matter work together to help stamp lock-snapping out? It really shouldn’t be that hard a job.

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