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  • Avocet welcomes insurer support for UK standard to protect against the risk of lock-snap attacks

    Avocet Hardware has welcomed Aviva's latest ‘Hardfacts’ information sheet on locks and lock standards, which explains the benefits of TS007 3-star and SS312 Sold Secure Diamond accredited locks to better protect against the risk of lock-snapping.

    Through the ‘Knowledge Store’ section of its risk management website, Aviva provides a range of fact sheets on security and other property protection matters, all designed to help customers better understand their exposure to risk and how they may best protect themselves.

    Avocet's managing director, Clive Lloyd said: "This is a very welcome and timely addition to Aviva’s Knowledge Store and is a significant step in raising awareness of the risk of lock-snapping and the UK Standards developed to protect against it.

    “The first indication of a change in insurers’ general awareness of the issue occurred earlier this year when the RISC Authority incorporated an explanation of lock-snapping, and the importance of TS007 and SS312 in the fight against it, in its publication S24: Physical Security for Homes – Guidance to Occupiers.”

    In one of the biggest examples of the effectiveness of its snap secure locks to date, Leeds City Council began an initiative in 2010 that saw 10,000 ABS Snap Secure locks installed during a 12-month period in East Leeds. This, alongside other police initiatives, resulted in a 36 per cent drop in burglary rate in the year to October 2012 - a figure that equated to 3,200 fewer victims than the previous year.

    Since then, Avocet has seen its TS007 3-star and SS312 Sold Secure Diamond accredited lock praised by police forces around the country and be given the police's ultimate seal of approval, Secured by Design accreditation.

    The company also works closely with the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network to promote home security and lock-snapping prevention and has just finished a big #summerlockin campaign aimed at making house owners and occupiers around the country aware of the worrying rise in burglaries during summer months and the steps needed to avoid becoming a victim.

    "Our aim is simple," concluded Clive. "We want to put an end to lock-snapping - and believe me we can.

    "Yes it's a major issue, but it's one for which there is a readily available solution, and with the help of organisations like the RISC Authority and Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network we can make sure nobody is left in the dark when it comes to properly securing their homes."

    For more information on Avocet Hardware and its snap secure ABS and ATK locks visit or call 01484 711 700.

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