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  • Replacement locks see burglars left out in the cold

    Burglars in east Leeds are being securely bolted out as the 10,000th new secure lock has been fitted to a tenant’s house.

    As part of a programme across the city to make council tenant homes safe and secure, East North East Homes Leeds are funding a change of all council tenant locks from a standard Eurolock cylinder to a Sold Secure Diamond Level (SSDL) lock which resists drilling and snapping to ensure the best security for tenants homes.  Safer Leeds are also providing funding for CASAC to change locks for vulnerable owner occupiers and private tenants in burglary ‘hot spot’ areas.

    The Eurolock cylinder which is fitted as standard to most UPVC doors is known to be a weak point and susceptible to attack as a point of entry for burglars. 

    Already in the twelve months up to September 2012 burglary rates have dropped by 36% across the city with 3276 fewer victims, and as the lock replacement programme continues it is hoped this number will continue to fall. 

    Councillor Peter Gruen, chair of Safer Leeds and Leeds City Council executive board member for neighbourhoods, planning and support services said: 

    “I am pleased we are making very significant progress and ensuring tenants are safe in their homes.

    “We started the lock replacement programme in 2010 and we have now changed 10000 locks across the city. This is a great achievement. We know burglars like the easy option and we need to make it as difficult as possible for them.”

    This diamond standard lock is now fitted as a replacement on all properties as they become void and where keys are lost or a burglary has occurred.

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