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  • Are all anti-snap locks really as secure as you think?

    If you install high security locks how sure are you that they would withstand the most common method of attack "Lock Snapping"?

    Are you aware that even if a lock has a anti-snap line it does not mean that it is guaranteed to break off at the line to stop entry, in the vast majority of cases it still snaps in the middle. And even if the sacrificial section is removed, it can still be attacked again to gain entry.

    New standards are now in place to test a euro cylinders strength and resilience against lock snapping attacks. The new British standard awards a 3 star rating if the lock has resisted a lock snapping attack and a 1 star rating means that it would also require a 2 star rated security handle to offer sufficient security against a snapping attack.

    The significance of this is that a one star rated lock has not actually passed any snapping tests and might offer no more protection than a standard euro cylinder against lock snapping!

    Below is a picture of a common one star "Anti-snap" lock. This had been attacked in a British Standard Test rig using standard mole grips. This lock lasted 38 seconds in a lock snapping attack.

    So, what lock will withstand a snapping attack?

    The only way to be certain that you are installing a lock that can withstand a snapping attack is to go for a TS007 3 star rated lock or Sold Secure Diamond Rated lock. The 3 star TS007 rating indicates that the lock has passed the all standard parts of the British kitemark and the additional snapping and forced entry known methods of attack. The ABS Snap Secure lock is the only lock on the market which has passed both of these standards.

    How is the ABS lock different?

    ABS is unlike any other euro cylinder on the market. ABS has a patented locking cam that is totally locked in place within the lock case after an attack. If attacked once ABS can still be opened after the anti-snap line and if attacked beyond the shear line the cam has a clutch system which ensure that a total barrier is created.

    The ABS lock has been installed in Police and Council target hardening projects and is the only lock that is proven to successfully eradicate lock snapping break-ins in the areas it has been installed.

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