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    Avocet Hardware has called on the UK’s insurance industry to recognise lock-snapping as a means of forced entry and pass on premium savings to customers whose homes are secured with snap-proof locks.

    Talking at the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network annual awards at The Houses of Parliament on June 18th, Avocet’s marketing manager, Derrick Purvis highlighted the worrying increase in the incidents of lock-snapping.

    He said: “Lock-snapping takes advantage of a weakness in the design of the standard Euro cylinder lock, which is fitted in millions of homes across the UK.

    “The weakness that burglars are exploiting is the Euro cylinder, which is a replaceable barrel that controls the entire locking mechanism of the door. It is held in place with just one screw and can be snapped using standard DIY tools.”

    The scale of the problem is now being recognised by everyone from industry regulators through to Local Authorities, including:

    • The Glass & Glazing Federation and the British Standards Institute who have developed a new standard – BS TS007
    • The Master Locksmiths Associations (MLA) and the UK Police’s Secured by Design initiative who have developed SS312 Sold Secure Diamond accreditation
    • Leeds City Council, which has fitted over 10,000 of Avocet’s ABS snap secure locks in the east of the city, which alongside other initiatives resulted in a 36 per cent decrease in burglaries in the area in the year to October 2012.

    “Lock-snapping and the means of stopping it are well known, but as yet no insurance companies have taken steps to incorporate reference to it and the associated preventative products within home insurance policies – despite the fact it would save them money by significantly reducing the number of claims and deliver potential premium savings to their customers.

    “Even more disconcerting is that when resolving a claim most insurance companies still simply require a like-for-like replacement – meaning a snapped Euro cylinder lock is replaced with the same kind of lock with exactly the same design flaws.

    “When you consider the 36 per cent reduction in burglary in Leeds equated to 3,200 fewer victims in just one year – and remember, this is for just one area of one city –then the potential reduction in burglaries and subsequent insurance claims if insurance companies demanded snap-proof locks in order to validate policies is truly extraordinary.

    “Millions would be saved in police time, insurance payments and, most importantly, the emotional cost inflicted on victims of burglary.”

    Avocet Hardware manufactures the ABS snap secure lock, which features a patented system that ensures the central cam locks in place if it is subjected to a snapping attack. It is one of the first locks of its type to be accredited to the new British Standard TS007 (three stars), is the only retro-fit euro cylinder that has passed the new SS312 Sold Secure Diamond standard, and is approved by Secured by Design.

    Avocet’s presentation at the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (NHWN) awards was seen by a host of leading figures in crime prevention, including:

    • Lord Taylor of Holbeach, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Criminal Information
    • Stephen Greenhalgh, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime (London)
    • Stephen Rimmer, Director General Crime and Policing Group (Home Office Board)
    • Olivia Pinkney, HMIC  Assistant Inspector of Constabulary
    • Ian, Lord Blair of Boughton, Kt, QPM, MA (Oxon), Commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard) (2005- 2008)
    • Mick Laurie, Chief Executive, Crimestoppers
    • Simon  Byrne – Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police

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