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  • Jail for prolific Huddersfield burglar Levi Castledine

    A MAN who has been burgling Huddersfield homes for more than six years is back behind bars.

    Oakes criminal Levi Castledine, who played a “central role’’ in a spate of burglaries on homes, has been jailed for more than three years.

    Castledine, 21, of New Hey Road, was part of a gang which carried out attacks on seven properties over a three-month period last autumn.

    He was locked up yesterday after a judge at Bradford Crown Court sentenced him to 38 months in jail.

    Castledine, who had previous convictions for house break-ins, admitted a charge of conspiracy to commit burglary.

    Judge John Potter said Castledine had been part of an organised and concerted campaign.

    Such offending caused people to worry whether their homes would be next and caused significant loss and misery.

    “These premises were targeted,’’ said Judge Potter.

    “There was planning involved in the sense that mole-grips were used and the team assembled before the burglaries took place.”

    Castledine was linked to the offences by forensic examination of a set of mole-grips found in his possession on arrest and detailed analysis of “text traffic’’ between mobile phones seized by police.

    During one break-in at a house in Adelphi Road, the intruders stole electrical items and other property worth about £30,000.

    Another burglary was carried out at a house in Wellington Street, Lindley, while the retired householder was asleep in her home.

    The judge said there was a level of professionalism about the conspiracy in which Castledine had a central role.

    “You have previous convictions for burglary in 06, 08 and 09 and you are a third-strike burglar as a result,” said Judge Potter.

    The judge told Castledine that on his release he would have to chose between being anti-social and receiving longer custodial sentences or rehabilitating himself into the community.

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