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    With more than a third of cars stolen in the UK taken from the driveways or outside the homes of their owners, Avocet Hardware has urged the public to take steps to stamp out this crime by protecting their homes, not their keys.

    The Yorkshire-based company believes that the main reason for this startling statistic is the increase in lock-snapping as a means of forced entry and that instead of worrying about the safest place to store car keys, people should be far more focussed on improving their home’s security.

    Derrick Purvis, marketing manager for Avocet, said: “Advice abounds about ensuring car keys are safely stored so that thieves can’t just grab them during a break-in, but surely the emphasis should be on stopping them gaining access to the house in the first place?”

    “Lock-snapping is increasingly being favoured by burglars due to the ease and speed with which it is done, and the reason for this is that the lock that is fitted as standard in all uPVC and double glazed doors is the most easily snapped.”

    The product in question is the Euro cylinder lock, which is a replaceable barrel that controls the entire locking mechanism of most uPVC and double glazed doors. It is held in place with just one screw and can be snapped using standard DIY tools in a matter of seconds.

    “Great strides have already been made in highlighting the scale of lock-snapping, with a number of bodies, including the Master Locksmiths Association, the Police’s Secured by Design Initiative and Leeds City Council, having already taken significant measures to bring it to the public’s attention,” continued Derrick.

    These measures include the new British Standard TS007, Sold Secure Diamond’s standard SS312 and Secured by Design’s new accreditation.

    “A lot has been achieved in a relatively short space of time, but there is so much more that can and needs to be done,” he added.

    Avocet is currently seeking to engage the UK insurance industry in a dialogue about lock-snapping and the benefit its widespread inclusion within home insurance policies would bring.

    “Leeds City Council reported a 36 per cent reduction in burglaries during a year that saw it installing 10,000 of our ABS Snap Secure locks – a statistic that is made all the more impressive by the fact it equated to 3,200 fewer victims during just 12-months, and occurred in just one area of one city.”

    “Our long-term aim is to get insurance companies to include a requirement for lock-snapping measures within home insurance policies; a move that we feel would result in a dramatic reduction in crime and lead to significant savings for them.”

    “But in the short term we want the public to keep the thieves at bay by protecting their home, and therefore their car.”

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