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  • SWC Trade frames switches to the Avocet ATK lock range

    Just weeks after its launch, Avocet Hardware has announced its first major success for ATK - with SWC Trade Frames making the switch to its new TS007 3-star rated and SS312 Diamond accredited snap secure lock.

    Rhys Richings, operations manager of SWC, said: "It was a big decision to switch suppliers because of how loyal we are as a business, but we needed to do the right thing for our customers."

    "And the right thing in this instance is to offer the very best available lock as standard on all doors and not just as an optional upgrade. Security should never be optional when it comes to people's homes and lives - aesthetics, yes, but security and quality? Never."

    ATK is designed to deliver the ultimate protection in the fight against lock-snapping and features Avocet's patented locking cam system, which is proven to effectively secure against common forms of attack such as snapping, bumping and drilling.

    The new range also includes one of the only Sold Secure and Secured by Design rated thumbturn locks on the market. Incorporating Avocet's new click secure system, it makes use of a positive click turn action, which means it can't be bypassed with the wire tools that make a great deal of other thumbturns a major security risk.

    ATK also comes with a standard key, which allows all leading locksmiths to produce them quickly and easily, and end-user registration isn't required.

    "The reasons for choosing ATK were plentiful," continued Rhys. "It has proven technology taken from Avocet's extremely successful ABS cylinder; spare keys can be cut on the high street, which reduces the cost and inconvenience to the end user of registered key systems; different locks can be keyed alike to enable customers to switch to a one-key home; the thumbturn is the most secure on the market; and on top of all that we are the first fabricator in the UK to offer this superb lock."

    SWC has also added to the appeal of ATK by offering five keys as standard as opposed to the industry accepted norm of just three.

    "Our success over the years has been driven by the fact we don't jump on bandwagons - we steer them," added Rhys. "I'm sure it won't be long before everyone else is leaping on-board and trying to follow the lead we have set with the adoption of ATK as our standard lock across our entire range."

    Rob I'Anson, sales director of Avocet Hardware, said: "We're thrilled that ATK has been met with such enthusiasm by SWC Trade Frames and we're looking forward to working with them in order to help improve home security across the country."

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