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    Avocet Hardware chairman, VK Jain has stepped up the hard-hitting nature of the company’s lock-snapping campaign by welcoming West Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-William and Craig Whittaker, MP for the Calder Valley, to its Brighouse headquarters.

    The visit on Friday 20th September was arranged by Avocet as part of its drive to highlight the scale of the lock-snapping problem and what can be done to stamp it out – a campaign that has already seen the company become the Neighbourhood and Home

    Watch Network’s primary security sponsor and give a presentation on the subject at the Houses of Parliament.

    Lock-snapping is a fast-growing form of forced entry that takes advantage of a design flaw in the Euro cylinder lock that is fitted as standard in millions of UK homes.

    VK Jain said: “Lock-snapping is a significant problem already, and it will only continue to grow without proper recognition and action – and that includes getting the necessary authorities, including politicians and Crime Commissioners, to recognise the scope and scale of the problem.”

    “Astonishingly, large numbers of police forces still don’t officially categorise lock-snapping as a means of forced entry, but in regions where they do the figures are extremely worrying. In West Yorkshire 27 per cent of burglaries in the year to December 2012 were attributed to lock-snapping, while in other areas the figure has unofficially been put at over 50 per cent.”

    Amongst the key steps already taken in the fight against stopping lock-snapping have been the introduction of two new product standards – BS TS007 and SS312 Sold Secure Diamond accreditation. Developed by the Glass & Glazing Federation, the British Standards Institute, Master Locksmith Associations (MLA) and the UK Police’s Secured by Design initiative, the standards are the guideline for lock manufacturers wishing to bring to market snap-proof solutions.

    Avocet’s ABS snap-secure lock features a patented system that ensures the central cam locks in place if it is subjected to a snapping attack. It was one of the first to be accredited to British Standard TS007 (three stars), and is the only retro-fit euro cylinder that has passed the new SS312 Sold Secure Diamond standard, and is approved by Secured by Design.

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