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    With concerns over lock-snapping growing the number of locks on the market claiming to be snap-proof are multiplying at an astonishing rate, but buyers still need to beware.

    Derrick Purvis of Avocet Hardware outlines the best way of ensuring the lock you fit in your doors is the one that will keep burglars at bay.

    “Lock-snapping as a means of forced entry into homes has grown at a worrying rate in recent years, with some Police forces stating that over half of burglaries in their regions can now be attributed to it. This has led to a rush amongst manufacturers seeking to bring to market a lock that can categorically claim to stop thieves altogether.

    Key amongst this development has been the introduction on many new locks of an anti-snap line; the name of which suggests the product will deliver peace of mind. This isn’t the case and the use of the term ‘snap-proof’ in relation to such products is, at best, misleading.

    The introduction of an anti-snap line onto the Euro cylinder locks that are most at risk of lock-snapping was done with the best of intentions. The theory behind it being that when unreasonable force is applied to one end of the lock it will snap along the line, leaving one half of the mechanism in place in the door, thus deterring any further attempt at forcing entry.

    Burglars haven’t been deterred by this innovation and tests have shown that the best an anti-snap line will do is to keep them out for a further few seconds.

    Thankfully, the story doesn’t end there as great strides have been made to keep burglars at bay.

    Firstly, the Master Locksmiths Associations (MLA) developed SS312 Sold Secure Diamond accreditation, a standard that tests the euro cylinder for all the latest known methods of attack - including lock snapping.

    This was followed by the Glass & Glazing and Door & Hardware Federations who worked alongside the British Standards Institute to develop BS TS007 – a security standard for replacement cylinder locks and protective door furniture, which features a three-star rating system.

    As a rule of thumb, a BS TS007 three-star rated or SS312 Sold Secure Diamond accredited lock will provide the reassurance that homeowners are looking for. Although a product that boasts both will leave absolutely no room for error.


    Some lock retailers have been known to suggest cheaper alternatives to BS TS007 three-star or SS312 Diamond accredited locks, claiming they provide the same protection at a fraction of the price. When faced with this kind of contradictory information many people will take this information at face value.

    If a lock doesn’t have BS TS007 three-star or SS312 Diamond accreditation it isn’t snap-proof and will leave you home at risk of lock-snapping burglars and importantly, TS007 one-star locks have not passed snapping tests.

    Avocet’s ABS Snap Secure lock features a patented system that provides a total barrier against forced entry, even if the lock is snapped. And what’s more it also allows the door to still be opened and locked using the key from the inside. It was one of the first locks of its type to be accredited to the new British Standard TS007 (three stars), and is the only retro-fit euro cylinder that has passed the new SS312 Sold Secure Diamond standard."

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