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    "How many people could have a key to your new front door?"

    Jim Maddan, chairman, NHWN

    Research undertaken by Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (NHWN) has highlighted a gaping home security hole amongst its members - a problem the nationwide organisation says will be exacerbated amongst the general public.

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  • Avocet welcomes insurer support for UK standard to protect against the risk of lock-snap attacks

    Avocet Hardware has welcomed Aviva's latest ‘Hardfacts’ information sheet on locks and lock standards, which explains the benefits of TS007 3-star and SS312 Sold Secure Diamond accredited locks to better protect against the risk of lock-snapping. Through the ‘Knowledge Store’ section of its risk management website, Aviva provides a range of fact sheets on security and other property protection matters, all designed to help customers better understand their exposure to risk and how they may best protect themselves. Avocet's managing director, Clive Lloyd said: "This is a very welcome and timely addition to Aviva’s Knowledge Store and is a significant...

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  • Huntingdon Man Wins Snap-Secure Lock Upgrade In Nationwide Competition

    A Huntingdon-man has won a nationwide competition to have the locks on his house upgraded to make them secure against lock-snapping attack – one of the most popular forms of forced entry in the UK.

    Tom Jackson from Desborough Road, Hartford is a Neighbourhood & Homes Watch Network (NHWN) member won a competition that was open to all members of the Home Office and Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) supported crime prevention network.

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  • South Yorkshire Burglars Break Locks

    BURGLARS forced their way into 956 homes across South Yorkshire last year by tampering with door locks, new figures reveal. The South Yorkshire Police database recorded a month-by-month rise with 54 offences recorded in January, 66 in June, and 140 in December. Police are now urging residents to upgrade security in a bid to beat the burglars. The force said criminals have been targeting in particular doors where a standard issue ‘Eurolock’ is fitted. Crime reduction officer John Shillito said the locks are cheap to manufacture and install and easy to damage, allowing criminals to force their way in within...

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  • More things to improve door security

    Original Article written by Calvin Beckford - The Crime Prevention Website   Replacing lock cylinders – important please read   Most of the locks on replacement doors rely on a ‘euro' profile cylinder or ‘oval’ profile cylinder to operate the locking mechanism. In recent years there has been a steady increase in the numbers of burglaries where these cylinders have been attacked to gain entry (discussed below). The police and security industry have known about these problems for several years, but because in the early days the techniques were used rarely and were confined to only a few locations around...

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  • ABS - A Locksmiths Thoughts

    The Avocet ABS Mk3 has been around for a while now and is one of the most popular anti snap locks found around Yorkshire so I thought I would do a review. As the name suggests the mk3 ABS is the 3rd generation of ABS anti snap lock. The ABS works in a different way to all other anti snap locks with its patented cam mechanism. The clever cam mechanism means that even if the cylinder is broken in the middle access to the multi point mechanism is still blocked. The ABS has been awarded the British standard kite mark...

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