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    Avocet launches radio campaign aimed at tackling driveway car theft

    Avocet launch radio campaign to warn homeowners about lock snapping

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  • Avocet welcomes insurer support for UK standard to protect against the risk of lock-snap attacks

    Avocet Hardware has welcomed Aviva's latest ‘Hardfacts’ information sheet on locks and lock standards, which explains the benefits of TS007 3-star and SS312 Sold Secure Diamond accredited locks to better protect against the risk of lock-snapping. Through the ‘Knowledge Store’ section of its risk management website, Aviva provides a range of fact sheets on security and other property protection matters, all designed to help customers better understand their exposure to risk and how they may best protect themselves. Avocet's managing director, Clive Lloyd said: "This is a very welcome and timely addition to Aviva’s Knowledge Store and is a significant...

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  • The MLA bring clarity to lock standards

    Vital Information Missing from BBC Watchdog Programme on the Subject of Lock Snapping

    You may have seen the episode of Watchdog Test House that aired on BBC One on Thursday 13th Mar 2014 (it was Episode 4). It dealt with the issue of lock snapping. Unfortunately there was some vital information that didn’t make the final cut which we believe is vital for the public to know in order to protect themselves against this method some criminals are using for breaking in to homes.

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  • Avocet calls on Amazon to end lock-snapping tool trade

    Avocet Hardware has called upon Amazon to ban the sale of tools specifically designed to assist in lock-snapping.

    Brighouse-based Avocet Hardware, which manufactures the ABS snap-secure lock, says it is astonished that items such as a pocket sized snapper bar for anti-snap cylinders and a premium lock snapper bar are readily available to buy for as little as £34.95 on Amazon.....
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  • ABS - As featured on BBCs Watchdog House

    The Avocet ABS lock was specifically designed to combat against lock snapping attacks. The ABS lock has the highest accreditations available - A 3 star TS007 pass and ultimately the tougher Sold Secure Diamond accreditation.   Avocet ABS locks as featured on BBCs Watchdog House... Tested and Proven!!!    Make sure if you upgrade your locks you go for Avocet ABS locks - The only lock with both the TS007 3 star and Sold Secure Diamond accreditations combined.

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    With concerns over lock-snapping growing the number of locks on the market claiming to be snap-proof are multiplying at an astonishing rate, but buyers still need to beware. Derrick Purvis of Avocet Hardware outlines the best way of ensuring the lock you fit in your doors is the one that will keep burglars at bay. “Lock-snapping as a means of forced entry into homes has grown at a worrying rate in recent years, with some Police forces stating that over half of burglaries in their regions can now be attributed to it. This has led to a rush amongst manufacturers...

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  • Jail for prolific Huddersfield burglar Levi Castledine

    A MAN who has been burgling Huddersfield homes for more than six years is back behind bars. Oakes criminal Levi Castledine, who played a “central role’’ in a spate of burglaries on homes, has been jailed for more than three years. Castledine, 21, of New Hey Road, was part of a gang which carried out attacks on seven properties over a three-month period last autumn. He was locked up yesterday after a judge at Bradford Crown Court sentenced him to 38 months in jail. Castledine, who had previous convictions for house break-ins, admitted a charge of conspiracy to commit burglary....

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