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  • ABS - As featured on BBCs Watchdog House

    The Avocet ABS lock was specifically designed to combat against lock snapping attacks. The ABS lock has the highest accreditations available - A 3 star TS007 pass and ultimately the tougher Sold Secure Diamond accreditation.   Avocet ABS locks as featured on BBCs Watchdog House... Tested and Proven!!!    Make sure if you upgrade your locks you go for Avocet ABS locks - The only lock with both the TS007 3 star and Sold Secure Diamond accreditations combined.

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    With concerns over lock-snapping growing the number of locks on the market claiming to be snap-proof are multiplying at an astonishing rate, but buyers still need to beware. Derrick Purvis of Avocet Hardware outlines the best way of ensuring the lock you fit in your doors is the one that will keep burglars at bay. “Lock-snapping as a means of forced entry into homes has grown at a worrying rate in recent years, with some Police forces stating that over half of burglaries in their regions can now be attributed to it. This has led to a rush amongst manufacturers...

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  • ABS - A Locksmiths Thoughts

    The Avocet ABS Mk3 has been around for a while now and is one of the most popular anti snap locks found around Yorkshire so I thought I would do a review. As the name suggests the mk3 ABS is the 3rd generation of ABS anti snap lock. The ABS works in a different way to all other anti snap locks with its patented cam mechanism. The clever cam mechanism means that even if the cylinder is broken in the middle access to the multi point mechanism is still blocked. The ABS has been awarded the British standard kite mark...

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