• Home Secure - Liverpool Locksmiths

    For us here at Home Secure the Avocet ABS cylinder is without doubt the best on the market today. We have been an ABS Elite Centre for over 3 years and in this period we have either sold or installed literally thousands of these locks. The cylinder looks great and has a very robust build quality. It includes high security keys which can be registered online, putting you in control of when extra keys are cut for your locks. It is also possible to have all your locks working from the same key for added convenience. To buy ABS locks...

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  • Avocet ABS - Mrk 3 Reviewed by Locksmith Ben Gatenby

    The Avocet ABS Mk3 has been around for a while now and is one of the most popular anti snap locks found around Yorkshire so I thought I would do a review. As the name suggests the mk3 ABS is the 3rd generation of ABS anti snap lock. The ABS works in a different way to all other anti snap locks with its patented cam mechanism. The clever cam mechanism means that even if the cylinder is broken in the middle access to the multi point mechanism is still blocked. The ABS has been awarded the British standard kite mark...

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  • New Yale AS Platinum Euro Lock Vs ABS 3 Star Euro Lock

    We are proud to be one of the first Yale euro lock specialists to have the new Yale AS Platinum euro lock in real life to do some direct comparisons with the current UK leading 3 star cylinder from ABS Avocet....

    by Mat Jenkins from Lockandkey, 19 October 2013

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  • ABS Anti Snap Cylinders The Ultimate Euro Lock

    by Mat Jenkins, 01 May 2013.We have been evaluating lots of anti snap euro cylinder manufacturers recently due to the news and scare tactics of the internet! To decide what are the very best to sell to our customers. Bottom line is there are no legally defined 'household insurance requirements' to your euro cylinder lock - unlike the normal '5 lever BS Mortice Lock' clause in your insurance documents, because it took 10++ years for the insurance industry to agree old lever locks where easy 'pickings' for a burglar. However in the last 20 years most homes have uPVC multipoint...

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