• ABS Anti Snap Cylinders The Ultimate Euro Lock

    by Mat Jenkins, 01 May 2013.

    We have been evaluating lots of anti snap euro cylinder manufacturers recently due to the news and scare tactics of the internet! To decide what are the very best to sell to our customers.

    Bottom line is there are no legally defined 'household insurance requirements' to your euro cylinder lock - unlike the normal '5 lever BS Mortice Lock' clause in your insurance documents, because it took 10++ years for the insurance industry to agree old lever locks where easy 'pickings' for a burglar.

    However in the last 20 years most homes have uPVC multipoint locking, which offers amazing security provided the cylinder that locks it all is bullet proof!

    Sadly most cylinders fitted can be snapped in 15 seconds- and the secure multipoint locking is opened.

    Despite the 'rush' of products, we have found a cylinder that is a real contender! The Avocet ABS cylinder is one of a very few that hit the 3 star 'Secure by Design' benchmark.

    Secure by design is a Master Locksmith Association accreditation that is granted after testing by lots of senior Master Locksmiths.

    Today I gave this cylinder to Toby and Rob (both senior MLA members).... and the conclusion was 'I don't want to be the locksmith that has to get this one opened'

    These cylinders are 'over engineered' just like BMW, Mercedes, Audi.. they are the locks a Locksmith would use on his own house.

    Magnetic laser cut keys, the lock can be registered on the ABS system, it has amazing resistance to attack. No way of getting keys cut easily - we register you and your home.

    We are delighted to announce ABS cylinders are now a 'Lockandkey' approved product - they are not cheap, but are very close to our commercial products which are twice the price.

    To top it all - we can key alike and master key this cylinder, and also suite it to the new ABS padlocks - so your entire property can use one key on the same secure system!

    We now have the ABS Euro cylinder locks available to buy in the site: click here
    There is also a video on the ABS euro cylinder page showing locksmiths and the Police attacking the lock - and fail to break it.

    Author: Mat Jenkins

    For more information visit the lockandkey website

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