ABS - Beats the Burglars

The ABS Snap Secure euro cylinder beats the burglars.

Yorkshire home owner talks about burglary attempt.

In January 2011 a Yorkshire home was fitted with ABS. In February 2011 the house was attacked at 10:15pm by burglars, whilst the occupants were out.

They attempted to gain entry by snapping the ABS snap secure euro cylinders in the french doors of the conservatory.

The homeowners were so pleased that the burglars never got in that they agreed tp share their experience in the hope of alerting others to this method of crime.


Abbey Architectural an ABS Elite Centre fitted ABS Snap Secure locks to a home to combat against locks snapping - and that's just what they did!

This customer fitted the Avocet ABS Cylinder Locks to his home. When burglars tried to enter, the snap secure lock held and they were unable to gain access to the property. Replacing the cylinder lock was far less costly and less traumatic than having their home intruded.


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