ABS Tested

ABS the snap secure lock - tested and proven.

ABS has been subjected to serious testing and is proven to combat against lock snapping and bumping attacks. ABS has achieved a 3 star rating under the TS00:2012 British Kitemark, has Secured by Design Accreditation and is the only retro-fit lock to have attained the Sold Secure Diamond Standard. No other euro cylinder on the market has achieved all of these standards.

Below you will see videos of ABS when tested and how ABS has helped secure homes. ABS has been installed in Police and Council target hardening projects as it is the only Sold Secure Diamond Grade lock available that can quickly replace an existing sub-standard lock without modifying the door.


The ABS Snap Secure euro cylinder tested by a leading door company technician. The video starts after 4 minutes of attack and as you'll see if a burglar tried this he's not going to have much luck. Sorry about the screwdriver!

ABS is completely different from other anti-snap locks, ABS has a patented snap secure cam that totally blocks out an intruder when attacked. Other anti-snap locks only feature a anti-snap line, whilst this can slow down an attack it won't always be guaranteed to snap at the desired point and so does not always work. The most robust test on the market for a euro cylinder is the Sold Secure Diamond standard, this tests the cylinders resistance against known methods of attack including snapping.