Beating the Burglars!

ABS Thwarts Burglary Attempts- 10/02/2010

Kevin Horler, Contracts Manager, says: "One of our engineers accompanied a police officer to a number of properties in a Wibsey street after a home had been burgled."
"Among those who agreed to have their home inspected were two ladies. They were impressed with the effort being made and were even more impressed when we could secure their homes with new locks"

One of the ladies is Elizabeth Powell and she said: "There was a break-in down the road and we had a visit from a policeman and a engineer offering to fit new locks."And then a few days later I came home to find someone had tried their best to break in but they couldn't get in. Rather than be upset I was thrilled to think I had got one over a burglar!"

Mrs Powell, 74, added: "I can't believe the service I had - it was absolutely wonderful. I don't have much to steal but the new locks have definitely given me peace of mind."A 77-year-old neighbour also had the work carried out...just days before someone tried breaking into my home."I feel a lot safer now because I know burglars can't get past the locks which have been fitted.""I have also told a lot of my friends to have the inspection done and get the locks replaced if needed."Because, as I say, it's much cheaper in the long-run to have the work done and prevent a burglary than pay to have a broken door replaced and have valuables stolen."

Kevin Horler, Contracts Manager, said "The reason that burglars couldn't break-in was because we have now started fitting a brand new product, the ABS cylinder from Avocet, which is designed to combat the snapping of euro cylinders. In our opinion this is by far the most secure Euro cylinder available and we would urge anyone who has a uPVC door to consider having one fitted"

Steve Stewart, Joint Managing Director for the lock's makers Avocet in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, said: "We are delighted that ABS has already proven its resilience by stopping two attempted attacks on residential properties and given peace of mind that the householders can be safe in their own homes.

"In my opinion, and in the opinion of industry experts including leading locksmiths and crime prevention officers, this is the most secure cylinder on the market."

ABS has patented snap secure technology that stops burglars accessing the inner mechanism of the lock. When attacked ABS will provide a total barrier to entry but will also allow the homeowner to open the door from the inside using the key.