I've seen euro cylinders with anti-snap lines on both side - Why?

Some lock companies produce the locks in that have snap features on both sides of the lock as this makes it cheaper for the locksmith.

How? The locksmith only has to hold 25 sizes of locks when the product is unhanded.

That sounds good!  It is for the locksmith but it's often a compromise on the effectiveness of the lock and in the vast majority of cases these locks will not have passed lock snapping tests or have an official insurance recommended British Kitemark stamp.  

This is what makes ABS different - ABS has a patented locking cam which functions purely to secure without compromise - And ABS is the highest accredited euro cylinder lock on the market.

And for the home/property owner the ABS diamond grade cylinder still remains the best value door security upgrade available which is proven to combat against forced entry. 

My door lock is the latest in security with lots of locking points such as hooks and a large deadbolt. Will it be secure?


It doesn’t matter how many hooks and deadbolts you have. It’s all down to the Snap Security of the Euro Cylinder. Once the cylinder has been snapped the other secondary security devices are useless as the door can be opended within seconds. The main thing to consider therefore is that your euro cylinder where you place your key has a either a 3 star kitemark, is a Sold Secure Diamond rated or you have a one star cylinder and a 2 star rated handle.

The simple solution of course is going for an ABS high security euro cylinder as it is the highest rated on the market, excelling in all test criteria to protect against snapping, bumping, picking, drilling and all known methods of attack.

My Euro Cylinder is a new TS007 One Star rated lock, Is it secure?

One star rated locks have not passed the snapping tests associated with the new TS007 British Kitemark standard. A One star rating means that it will require a Two star rated security handle as well to bring it up to the 3 star rating. An ABS lock has a Three Star rating on it's own without the need for any additional security hardware. ABS is a proven Snap Secure solution. For more info on the new standards click here.


Important - a one star rated TS007 lock has not passed snapping tests.


How do I specify which cylinder I require?

Use the guide here or contact us to arrange one of our locksmiths to visit your home to provide you with a full measuring and fitting service. Our locksmiths can provide you with ABS locks for DIY installation or they can give you full professional installation services - The choice is yours.

My Euro Cylinder has sacrificial sections to stop snapping attacks.

Snap off sections will slow down the attack, but only by a couple of seconds. cylinders with snap lines can be attacked again beyond the shear line again revealing the CAM – giving access. Only the snap secure locking CAM of the ABS lock can provide a total block to the locking mechanism.

If you are considering purchasing a anti-snap lock on its own as a direct replacement ensure it has a three star rating or better still the Sold Secure Diamond grade. One star rated locks have not passed the snapping tests which means despite having a anti-snap section they are not a solution to lock snapping. 

Can I use a security handle with my ABS locks as well?

Yes, If you would like to add a further layer of protection you can use a security handle with ABS. The ABS keys are large enough to provide access through the security handle key slot.

Can I have my doors on the same key with ABS locks?

Yes, our network of Elite registered locksmiths can provide keyed alike services which will enable you to have all doors on the same key. We also sell ABS rim cylinders that operate with traditional night latches, half cylinders for garage doors and padlocks that all use the same key system.


What happens if a burglar snaps ABS whilst I am out?

Depending on the situation if ABS has been attacked once and the first portion of the cylinder has been removed in the vast majority of cases the ABS key will be able to open the door.

If ABS has been attacked again beyond the first sacrificial portion it will lock off the central cam within the lock case to block out an intruder - In this case if you can open the door from within the property you will be able to replace the attacked cylinder with a new ABS lock.

If ABS has been attacked on a door that provides the only access to the property and the door can't be opened from the inside a trained locksmith will have to work really hard to remove ABS, but most importantly your home has been secured.

I have seen other anti-snap locks that are cheaper, Don't they all do the same job?

NO! Many anti-snap locks on the market are being mis-sold. They have not passed any snapping tests and do not have the Sold Secure Diamond grade which is the ultimate test for lock snapping.

There is a reason why the lock is cheaper - the level of protection offered is weak.

Only the patented locking cam on the ABS lock can ensure that a barrier is created to secure the inner mechanism of the lock.

How do I register my keys?

You can register your ABS keys at the secure online facility here or you can call Michelle on 01484 725 601.


How do I take care of my ABS locks?

Apply a Graphite powder as a dry lubricant - Do not use WD40 or 3-in-1 oil. Apply at 12 month intervals from the date of installation.