One Key House


The ABS euro cylinder is not only the highest accredited lock on the market with a TS007 3 star Kitemark and Sold Secure Diamond accreditation; ABS also provides you with the opportunity to have your front door, back door, garage door and garden shed all on one key*


Thumbturn Euro Cylinder:

A thumbturn euro cylinder provides a simple method of opening and closing the door from the inside without a key. This type of lock is used often on new builds and flats to allow for a quick and safe exit in the event of a fire.

The ABS thumbturn has added security built into the cam which means it cannot be bypassed in the same way as a standard thumbturn.


Double Euro Cylinder:

This type of cylinder is used in the vast majority of UPVC and Composite door locking systems and may also be used in timber doors that have a Euro type sash lock. The ABS lock has a unique patented snap secure system that will effectively block access into the inner door bolt if it has been subjected to a "lock snapping" attack.


Upvc door bolt                  Euro Dead Lock



Single (or half) Euro Cylinder:

This type of lock is used in the majority of garage door locks. Again, the ABS half cylinder has the same built in snap secure technology which ensures that it cannot be bypassed in a lock snapping attack.


Rim Cylinder:

A Rim cylinder is most often used in a night latch for extra security. Most night latches have simple key systems that can be bypassed easily with a bump key. The ABS key system has advanced pin-in-pin and magnetic pin technology that provides the ultimate in bump protection. And because the ABS Rim cylinder uses the same key system you have the added benefit of keying your night latch doors to use the same key as your euro cylinder doors!


Also available in the screw in format for Aluminium door lock systems.


ABS Padlocks:

ABS padlocks are ideal for protecting the contents of your garden shed or securing your garden gate. With a heavy duty Molybdenum dual locking shackle and the advanced ABS magnetic key system the ABS padlocks offer the added benefit of you being able to key alike to your front door. Download padlock features pdf.


Keying Options Explained:


Keyed Alike

Every lock is operated by one key (3 are provided as standard with a suite of locks and you can order as many as you like)


Master Keying

This allows a master key holder to open all locks with one key whilst other key holders could have access to specific locks. Typically used in multi-zone businesses for added security.


Keyed to Differ

Each lock has a unique key (most likely the set up you have now)


With ABS - Security is key

Pardon the pun.... With ABS you can have total control of who has access to the keys for your property. When you get your ABS locks installed you will get a key card like the one below with a unique key code for your locks. You then register your keys on the ABS corporate web site (here) and you are then able to get your keys cut in the future by contacting any of our Elite key cutting centres. Only an Elite centre has access to the key security data and will ask you security questions that you have entered into your key registration form to ensure that only you the correct key holder can get your keys cut.



* You can replace traditional mortice locks with additional euro cylinder sash and deadlocks (as illustrated below) and have ABS key access but please be aware that this will require extra work to be carried out by a professional locksmith. Ask your locksmith if they stock these type of lock cases.